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Feel like just keeping the status quo when it comes to the computers for your business?
When budgets are tight there is no better way. Don’t let that stop you from having a free conversation with the Silvercube team. Our a la carte services are designed for any business budget, big or small.

Take a look at our categories of business services and discover in fair detail about the services that interest you.

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Free Evaluation

Schedule a time to sit down with the management team here at Silvercube. We will begin to discuss and understand your current issues, learn any relevant history related to those issues, and start to develop a strategy to resolve those issues. If you are curious about what types of services are suitable for such a conversation, take a look at our list of Other Business Services.

Other Business Services


Annual Technology Review

Determine whether the status quo is the desire for the coming year and define what that amounts to in dollars and cents related to hardware vs. labor, emergency services vs. planned projects. Provide documentation showing troubleshooting history, project history and progress, and provide a recommendation on priorities to consider for the coming year. If you are curious about what projects would be considered during this time, take a closer look at our “Other Business Services.”